Best Face Wash for Men – Lather & Wood’s Face Scrub – Luxurious Exfoliating Mens Face Wash for the Man’s Man. 4oz Facial Cleanser for Men.

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Lather & Wood Man's Man Face Scrub - Formulated for the Rigors of Being a Man

Your Search for the best face wash for men is over. When you order Lather & Wood's Face Scrub for Men here is what will happen. Soon a small package from Amazon will be rushed to your mailbox. Upon opening, be sure to Inspect the seal around the top, put there to ensure your product has come fresh from Lather & Wood. As you hold the product remember that Lather & Wood has built its business on having the best products. Our mens skincare products are formulated specifically for the rigors of being a man.

Why is Lather & Wood Face Scrub For Men better than all other face cleansers on Amazon?

The answer is quite simple. Our exfoliating facial cleanser not only removes dirt, grime, and dead skin - but leaves your face moisturized and with an unparalleled smoothness. This is done using a natural formula, free from alcohol, free from plastic beads, and free from the harsh chemicals found in other brands, chemicals that are cheap fillers and do nothing but harm your skin. For quality, our facial cleanser is produced in small batches, bottled just-in-time to meet demand, and shipped as soon as your order is placed.

Give the gift of a simple luxury. Buy two bottles, Lather & Wood Face Scrub for Men makes a terrific gift that nearly everyone can use


  • FACE WASH FOR MEN formulated with premium natural jojoba beads to exfoliate and remove dead skin and grime from your face, revealing smooth, healthy and younger looking skin. A face scrub that is not only fantastic at smoothing skin, but also great for the environment.
  • THE PINNACLE IN EXFOLIATING SKINCARE FOR MEN - Lather & Woods sets the bar with a robust all natural ingredient stack formulated to spare no expense, to please even the most health conscious and discerning gentleman. There are no harsh chemicals here. Compare our premium ingredient to the big-box brands which are filled with cheap synthetic chemicals formulated to maximize profits, not to maximize your natural and healthy good looks.
  • HEALTHY EXFOLIATED SKIN MEANS A CLOSER SMOOTHER SHAVE - Works with oily, dry, and normal skin types. Our premium formula scrubs away dead skin, dirt and oil from pores and unclogs hair follicles. The effect is smoother skin and a remarkably closer and more comfortable shave. For best results use prior to shaving, daily or just a couple times a week.
  • WHATS SO GOOD about this facial cleanser for men is what it not. A facial scrub for men that raises the bar, does not dry out you skin, or cause breakouts. This is not your wife's cleanser and it doesn't smell like lilies. This cleanser is specifically formulated for men and has a great subtle masculine scent.
  • THE LATHER & WOOD DIFFERENCE is built on unusually high level of customer care and satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our ONLY GOAL. Having great products and backing them up with unparalleled customer service is what make it easy.


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