Bevel Shave Cream, 2 fl. oz.

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While other shaving creams rely on water as the key ingredient, The Bevel Shave Cream was uniquely formulated with a high concentration of ultra-moisturizing Aloe Vera to help your Bevel Razor glide effortlessly across your skin. Use along with the rest of the Bevel Shave System for a consistently smooth shave and clearer skin. The Bevel Shave System consists of The Bevel Razor, Bevel Badger Brush, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Restoring Balm and Bevel Blades.


  • Ultra moisturizing Aloe Vera keeps your skin hydrated during your shave
  • Vitamin E helps to even skin tone
  • Creates a thick, rich shaving lather


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