Clubman Pinaud Classic Aftershave Lotion 12 oz

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This quintessential Pinaud aftershave lotion smells fresh, clean, and subtle. Though not overpowering, the manly scent invokes memories of your grandfatherâ€TMs colognes and fragrances. To some, the scent may remind of that soft baby powder fragrance. The classic Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion scent lasts whole day, without stinking up the place, and reminds you of the old time barbershop. It works as an aftershave, leaving your skin feeling cool, rejuvenated, fresh, and smooth. The Pinaud aftershave works equally great in soothing the skin after a shave â€" easily healing any razor cuts. Pinaud Clubman is a popular menâ€TMs grooming brand since 1810, when Edouard Pinaud laid its foundation in France. The masculine fragrances and colognes have been known world over for their old world charm, taking you back to the times of your grandfather. The Clubman line of toiletries include shave creams, aftershave lotions, colognes, talc, skin and hair tonics, deodorants, Dab-On Nick Relief and Styptic pencils, shampoo, and hair care products. Weight: 12.5oz Made in USA

  • Clubman Pinaud Classic Aftershave Lotion 12 oz


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